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Welcome to some great singing opportunities. I am putting some of the best barbershop songs from past years into new arrangements. The songs presently available are listed below.  Some Christmas carol and hymn arrangements are now also available.  Check back often for new arrangements.

Except for the last one, "Follow Me", all of the arrangements listed below are of songs that are in the Public Domain.   All of the PD arrangements are free for your use.  All but the Great War Medley should be contestable arrangements.  While some have already been sung in contest, always check with the arrangement/music category judges for their opinion. 

Again, all of the PD arrangements are free for your use.  You may make as many copies as you need, whether for your chorus, VLQ or quartet. If anyone asks where you got an arrangement, please just give them my email address or the website name, 

All the arrangements listed below are instantly available for your consideration.  You can print a copy of any pdf file by clicking on the title.  You can listen to the arrangement by clicking the mp3 file. 

Again, there is no cost for any of the PD arrangements.  On a personal note, I would appreciate any feedback you would like to offer about any of the arrangements.  Just drop me an email at:

If there are any questions or comments, send me an email.  I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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Available arrangements.

The songs that are currently available are listed below.  Those that are available in the women’s key have a (W) after the title and those for the men, an (M) after the title.  As far as possible, every song I arrange will be available for both women and men.  There are some lyrics that can only be set one-way, which I’m sure you appreciate.   

It is my intention to create good sing-able arrangements for all barbershoppers.  This means songs with a good lyric, a good melody and good barbershop harmony possibilities.  You will find them interesting and challenging but not difficult.  My interest is in writing for the greatest number of barbershop singers and their audiences.  



For the Sake of Auld Lang Syne  (M) (mp3)
For the Sake of Auld Land Syne (M) (pdf)

For the Sake of Auld Lang Syne (W) (mp3)
For the Sake of Auld Lang Syne (W) (pdf) 
This is a re-do of the arrangement that was popular about 30 years ago.

I Love To Have the Boys Around Me  (W) (mp3)
I Love To Have the Boys Around Me (W) (pdf)
This one is just for the ladies.

Runnin' Wild  (M) (mp3)
Runnin' Wild (M) (pdf)

Runnin’ Wild (W) (mp3)
Runnin" Wild (W) (pdf)
Put on your running shoes, this one moves from first note to the last.  There are key changes, a bass lead in part of the song and lots of fun.   


 They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me(W) (mp3)
 They Go Wild, Simply wild Over Me (W) (pdf) 
Just for the ladies, this is a fun parody about finding the right guy.  It was originally sung by the Georgia Connection.  The last page of the arrangement is a narrative of the full presentation plan as performed by the Georgia Connection.


The Great War Medley  (M) (mp3)
The Great War Medley(M) (pdf)

The Great War Medley  (W) (mp3)
The Great War Medley(W) (pdf)
Patriotic music of any era will ignite memories in listeners of any age.  This medley was done many years ago for The Atlanta Peachtree Chorus.  The songs in the medley include:  Over There; Buy A Bond; Smile, Smile, Smile (Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag); It’s A Long Way To Tipperary; There’s A Picture In My Old Kit Bag; Move A Little Bit Of Broadway To Paris; Yankee Doodle Boy (I’m A Yankee Doodle Boy); and You’re A Grand Old Flag.  For variety, two of the songs are suggested for a quartet or VLQ.  One song is a solo with the chorus accompanying.  The lead section can sing the solo line if you wish.

This is a great closing piece for any audience; they will be on their feet by the closing tag.


If I Had My Way  (M) (mp3) 
If I Had My Way  (M) (pdf)

If I Had My Way  (W) (mp3)
If I had My Way(W) (pdf)
  One of the greatest ballads ever written, all dressed up in a new arrangement.  Consider this one for your Valentine sings, too.

Simple Melody (M) (mp3)
Simple Melody (M) (pdf)

Certainly one of Irving Berlin's most familiar tunes.  The arrangement includes both of the contrasting melodies arranged for two choruses, a quartet or VLQ and chorus or simply sung by two quartets.  Included is a performance suggestion for staging the arrangement as a production piece.  Great fun.  Check it out.

Follow Me for both women and men.  John Denver wrote this one a number of years ago. This arrangement is not in the Public domain.  Please order the arrangement from the BHS at 800-876-7464x4127.  Speak to Erin Elkins.

Men’s key catalog # 113649.  Women’s key catalog #113650.  I did this one for a quartet to sing at a wedding.

Christmas Carols

Here are arrangements of some of the classic carols of of the season.  The printing and listening instructions are the same as the above arrangements.  Enjoy!

Angels We Have Heard On High  (M)  (mp3)
Angels We Have Heard On High  (M) (pdf)

Angels We Have Heard On High  (W)  (mp3)
Angels We Have Heard On High  (W) (pdf)
A joyous carol with a little influence of J.S. Bach in the "Gloria" refrain.  Great fun.

Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly  (M)  (mp3)
Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly  (M)  (pdf)

DeclKThe Halls With Boughs Of Holly  (W)  (mp3)
Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly  (W)  (pdf)
One of the most popular seasonal carols, but with a few rhythmic twists.

O Come All Ye Faithful  (M)  (mp3)
O Come All Ye Faithful  (M)  (pdf)

O Come All Ye Faithful  (W)  (mp3)
O Come All Ye Faithful  (W)  (pdf)
The season wouldn't be complete without this carol.

O Holy Night  (M)  (mp3)
O Holy Night  (M)  (pdf)

O Holy Night  (W)  (mp3)
O Holy Night  (W)  (pdf)
A seasonal classic.  It's arranged from the original melody.  Feel free to shorten the long
phrase endings in the first half of the song to suit your quartet or chorus.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel  (M)  (mp3)
O Come, O Come Emmanuel  (M)  (pdf)
O Come, O Come Emmanuel  (W)  (mp3)
O Come, O Come Emmanuel  (W)  (pdf)
The carol begins as it was originally sung, as chant.  It also barbershops well and continues in that style.  A lovely, contrasting carol for the season. 

Hymn Arrangements
We are often asked to sing for church services and other church activities.  To hear hymns other than those in most hymnals is always appreciated.  That will be the theme of these arrangements.

Behold, A Host, Arrayed In White  (M) (mp3)
Behold, A Host, Arrayed In White  (M) (pdf)

Behold, A Host, Arrayed In White  (W) (mp3)
Behold, A Host Arrayed In White  (W) (pdf)

The words are by Hans Adolph Brorson and are set to a 17th century Norwegian hymn.  Edvard Grieg made a arrangement of the hymn in 1907.  That arrangement has since been re-arranged several times and appears in several hymnals.  I have adapted it to the barbershop style.

Endless Song (How Can I Keep From Singing)  (M) (mp3)
Endless Song (How Can I Keep From Singing)  (M) (pdf)

Endless Song (How Can I Keep From Singing)  (W) (mp3)
Endless Song (How Can I keep From Singing)  (W) (pdf)

The composer of this hymn, Robert Lowery, may be more well known for other of his hymns, notably, I Need Thee Every Hour and Shall We Gather At The River.  However, the melody and harmony of Endless Song will capture your ear and any listener’s ear immediately as few other’s will.  Listen!


Many more are on the way.  Check back frequently.

 Many thanks.






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